Project Space

The Project Space is the place for students to take what they’ve learned in the Member Learning Space and consolidate that learning through ownership of projects aimed at addressing systemic issues. It is made up of 2 parts: Portfolios and the Project Incubator.


Portfolios consist of multiple, similar-themed projects that recur annually. Our 4 Portfolios include:

Global Engineering

All of tomorrow’s leaders actively invested in a local or global community.

Our vision is to increase understanding and personal investment in local and global problems and promote growth of Global Engineering skills. Our members will be able to engage with and address systemic problems within communities.

Current projects include:

  • Community Projects – Gain engineering experience through community volunteering
  • GE Certificate – Work with engineering faculty to integrate GE education
  • Seminars and GE Week – Introduce GE discussions into engineering curriculum

Political Advocacy

We will develop competence and confidence that will enable and encourage members to engage in political advocacy and community action. Our members will have the tools to recognize opportunities for future effective political engagement, where they see fit.

By the end of this year, we hope that all of our members will be better prepared to identify and engage with key stakeholders, facilitate call-to-actions, and fine-tune their efforts to be lean yet effective when advocating for change.

Current projects include:

  • Advocacy Bootcamp – Discuss, learn and apply advocacy skills and techniques
  • Advocacy Meetings – Engage and lobby private, public and not-for-profit sector leaders
  • Workshops – Build active citizenship and challenge students to be responsibly engaged

Youth Engagement

Our vision is to have every high school student in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) become leaders, using their capacity to develop sustainable solutions to complex global problems through systems thinking. High school students engaged through YE will be conscious of misconceptions in international development and will be able to formulate opinions regarding development issues, inspiring them to be actively involved in large-scale campaigns or movements that promote social change.

By the end of 2016/17, we will ensure that high school students who are involved in YE will have the confidence to identify as leaders and be able to utilize systems thinking when solving complex problems. They will be motivated to promote and pursue YE initiatives or other positive social change campaigns in their own schools or youth groups.

Current projects include:

  • SCYLC – Plan a conference for over 100 high school students
  • InnoMasters – Guide high school students through engineering design projects
  • EWBoosters – Assist high school students with starting development awareness clubs

Equitable Food Systems

We will instill an understanding of what the food system is and what major issues are affecting food on campus and the GTA in our members. This will translate into a mindfulness about food in people’s personal life and organizational structures. By the end of the year, this knowledge will act as a foundation for new projects with tailored solutions to take form in the future within the portfolio.

Current projects include:

  • U of T Food Group Collective – Help coordinate student-run food groups on campus
  • Community Learning – Critically reflect on volunteering in Toronto food organizations
  • Education Series – Attend workshops pertaining to food issues

Project Incubator

In the 2016-2017 academic year, we added a new component to the Project Space called the Project Incubator. The Project Incubator is a space for any U of T student to pitch for financial and project management support for a self-started, innovative initiative. The ultimate goal is to build a sustainable space that nurtures and accelerates growth of social change ideas to expand our organization’s impact into untapped areas.

Past projects include:

  • Project Martial SMARTS
  • Case Competition
  • GE Week (in collaboration with the GE portfolio)
  • Fair Trade Campus Certification
  • Community Engagement Project (in collaboration with Project Include)
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